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You Are the Author of Your Own Life Story

We travel through life and it passes us so quickly, we often give little thought to the things we are doing, or the contact we have with other people. We are the author of our own life story and an old song used to point out that we are writing a chapter of our life every day. A fun way of experiencing a self-discovery trip is to ask ourselves what we wrote in our book today, this week or this month?

A well-written story has a beginning, a middle that usually contains a couple of defining moments, resolutions and a conclusion. Is your life experiencing resolutions and conclusions or is it always about new beginnings and defining moments? When we seek resolution to our problems, we can find completion and this is where our life growth comes from. When we move on without resolution, it’s a little like tipping soil onto the weeds rather than removing them. They eventually grow back and often with stronger roots than when they had superficial and weak roots

Take the time today to ask yourself what pages you are writing in your book today. Are you writing pages that have defining moments and resolutions and seek ways to resolve the issues? Are you finding yourself unable to cope with something happening in your life so you keep burying it in the hope it will go away.

Resolve to take steps today to remove it from your life, because you know that if you face it every day it is not going to go away without you actively removing it. Are you in a situation where you know you should change jobs but you keep going back to the same job because you haven’t had the courage to follow your dreams? Maybe today is the day to write an adventure story and clear your mind of the excuses and create the story you want. The one with the happy ending to your story that you choose and not the one someone else is choosing for you.

Sit with your journal and a coffee today and ask yourself what happy endings do I want? Ask yourself “what stories in my life need a resolution.” Work on actively resolving them and set about writing your own best seller. With a little reflection and some active actions, you can become the hero or hero of your own life story life story.

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