Dating & Relationship

Tips That Will Help You Find That Special Someone

Set Boundaries

While it’s important to demonstrate an interest in those that you’ve found a connection with, it’s also important that you set boundaries.

This might include not always being available when they want to see you or even call you, or perhaps personal boundaries when it comes to intimacy or what you’re comfortable sharing.

Setting boundaries early on will make it easier to stay within your comfort zone and being as comfortable as possible.

Stay away from bars

Your first date should never take place in a bar or club. Instead, your first date should be something like a coffee date or take place in a setting that nurtures a genuine connection and lets you have a meaningful conversation.

Don’t Talk About Your Past

Yes, your past has helped shape who you are but when you’re just starting to date you should be careful not to over-share, especially when it comes to discussing past relationships. We all  come with emotional baggage but your first few dates isn’t the time to bring it up.

Turn off your Phone

You’ll want to shut off your phone and make sure not to even have it out in the open during your  dates. Give him your full attention, shut down distractions and set the scene for a quality date.

Be Honest

Try not to over-sell yourself to the point of dishonesty. Have confidence in yourself and that you are worthy of love. Sure, you want to impress each other but not at the expense of starting a new relationship based on dishonesty.

Instead, start the relationship off on the right foot by being open and honest about who you are and what you are looking for.

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