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Signs Your Crush Likes You

Crazy about your crush? Chances are they might also be into you here are the share signs your crush likes you back.

They Make Time To See You

Some people are naturally fast and known to be the queen bees and kings of texting. But if your crush is especially shy and reserved and known to be unresponsive but makes time to see you this is a dead giveaway that they enjoy your company.

They Make Excuses To Get Close To You

Do they ever brush their arm against yours or give you hugs? Physical affection is sweet, and they might be trying to show you that they, you know, like you.

They Remember the Small Details About You

If they seem to know you more than you know yourself not only do, they like you back but you’ve also found yourself a keeper.

They Let You in on Their Personal Life

How close is too close until it’s time to make a move when someone is being real with you? They let you in on their secrets that includes embarrassing stories. Thinks they aren’t so proud of or memories that still haunt them. Congratulations, this means they feel at ease with you.

They Develop an Interest in Your Hobbies

Maybe you love playing League of Legends or enjoy baking if your crush who’s usually not into those activities. Starts to play video games with you or bakes you cookies. They might be trying to impress you.

The Act Cold and Distant Randomly

Okay, this sounds weird, right? But sometimes people especially shy ones try to seem like they don’t like you. Fearing you don’t reciprocate the same feelings. It’s the whole fight-or-flight scenario. Deep down though they hope you notice their absence and wants you to reach out.

They Make It Obvious That They’re Single

Think it’s too good to be true? Think again if they haven’t friend-zoned you by calling you their sis or bro then this is a sure sign they’ve already made up their mind about their feelings, but do they know you have. Be bold and make the next move.

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