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One of the Biggest Culprits Behind Failed Dates

Quite often, self-sabotage is the culprit behind failed relationships and dates that just don’t pan out.

If you take the time to figure out what you want out of a relationship and then take steps to put yourself in a position of meeting people that align with those values, the easier it will be to focus your time and energy on quality dates.

Consider keeping a dating journal that documents your journey. It’s a fantastic tool for self-reflection as well as identifying areas that you can improve in order to better connect with potential partners.

Write down everything about your dates, including whether the conversation flowed or not, the energy and vibe you felt throughout the night and what you believe was the low point and high point of the date. Documenting dates will help you identify where you can improve in communicating as well as helping you gain a better perspective of what you’re looking for.

A journal will also help you better understand the dating process and just how much you’ve grown throughout your journey.

Begin the first page of your dating journal with by writing down your core values: These are the things that are most important to you when looking for a life partner.

Write down your absolute deal-breakers: These are things that you aren’t willing to accept.

Next, write down what you have to bring to the table: How are you a good partner? What are your greatest qualities?

It might sound silly but writing down what you want out of a relationship, as well as the things you aren’t looking for in a partner will help you connect with what matters most to you and in many ways, it could help clear your mind so you are focused on finding that perfect mate.

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