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How to Know If You’re Dating a Sociopath

How do you know when you’re in a relationship with the wrong person? Sometimes, you can’t tell when you’re in such a relationship. As love can often blind you. So here are nine signs to help you identify if you’re dating a sociopath.

Motivated by Personal Desire

They’re motivated solely by their own personal desires. Basic human needs like food, water, or money are what drives them. If you talk to them about making the world a better place, they won’t be motivated in a relationship context only things like money, sex, food, or whatever you can offer are interesting to them.

Highly Manipulative

Sociopaths usually prey on your emotions they find your weak spots and take advantage of them. They socially isolate you from your friends and even family not allowing you to go anywhere such as the grocery shop without letting them know and gaining their approval first.  This behavior weakens your relationship with other people so you end up needing your partner more and more.


They don’t walk the walk. Your partner will tell you one thing but do another or they’ll say how they hate certain things but allow those things into their life. They tell you their grand plans but, none of it shows in their actions. This behavior can be confusing and disorienting especially when they’re being hypocritical. For example, they may tell you that they hate when you’re late to dates because it shows that you have no respect for them yet they themselves will often be late or even reschedule plans with you with no valid explanation or apology.

Lacks Sympathy

Empathy is the ability to understand someone’s emotions. Sociopaths certainly understand your emotions they just have no sympathy for you. When you’re feeling sad, they simply don’t see it as something that should concern them but rather, as an opportunity to exploit your perceived weakness.

Doesn’t Take Responsibility

Sociopaths are usually narcissistic so they believe they are never at fault no matter what when confronted on their behavior and asked to change their ways they will say yes to keep you by their side however, there won’t actually be any changes continuing the cycle of mistreatment and manipulation.

Constantly Insults You

Your partner’s jabs don’t always have to be direct. Let’s say you’re wearing an outfit similar to another person you both encounter your partner might make a comment about how ugly and gross the other person’s clothes are and if you confront them they’ll accuse you of being paranoid and play the victim.

You’re Always Guilty

You’re the one at fault for every mistake and your partner will never admit when they’re wrong. They’ll manipulate situations to become the victim when they’re clearly not. In the end, you’re the one apologizing.

Projects Insecurities

They’ll project their insecurities on you and everyone else. This is the result of their narcissism and manipulation habits as they’re always trying to look perfect or at least better than the rest.


They can adapt themselves. In negative ways they will adapt to the situation and to you if need be, for example, they may yell at you, making you shut up and playing with your emotions but when you lash out, they promise to change. In the long run, however, they actually become more manipulative causing you to become even more insecure.

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