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Different Types of Loneliness

  1. Interpersonal Loneliness – This is the result of losing a significant or intimate relationship.
  2. Social Loneliness – This is experienced when a person is on the fringes of a group excluded from a group or is actively rejected.
  3. Cultural Loneliness – A person who belongs to a different culture and feels like they don’t fit or belong in the new culture experiences culture loneliness.
  4. Intellectual Loneliness – This is the result of feeling intellectually or educationally out of sync with peers family or social group.
  5. Psychological Loneliness –  This is felt by someone who has undergone a traumatic situation that separated them from the people around them a situation others can’t fully understand.
  6. Existential or Cosmic Loneliness – This is an isolating loneliness experienced by a person who is facing death.

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