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Different Types of Emotional Manipulation

The Constant Victim

This kind of individual will always find a way to end up as the victim in their relationships.

The One-upsmanship Expert

The Powerful Dependents

Powerful dependents pretend to be weak and powerless then use their hopelessness to dominate relationships.  that is, they send a subtle message “You must not let me down”.

The Triangulators

These people always try to get others on their side.  They’re quick to say nasty things and put you down they separate good friends and drive wedges in between families.

The Blasters

They blast you with their anger or suddenly blow up that stops you from asking questions in case there’s a showdown.

The Projector

The projector thinks they’re perfect and that others have all the flaws they take no ownership because they’re never ever wrong.

The Deliberate Mis-interpreter

This person seems nice but they twist and use your words.  This person spreads mis-information and mis-interprets you deliberately presenting you in a false, negative way.

The Flirt

This person uses flirting to get their way in life they want to be admired and have an audience however, your needs and interests are of no concern to them.

The Iron Fist

The iron fist uses intimidation to throw their weigh around,  use you for their ends, and get their way in life.

The Multiple Offender

This person uses several of the Technics we’ve described and will often switch between the methods depending on what suits their purposes.

So have you ever encountered these types of people before?  if so, how did you deal with them?

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