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Difference Between Having a Crush and Being in Love

Have you been crushing on someone, but wondering if it’s becoming something more?  Emotions can be messy and hard to decipher when all we hear is our loud heartbeats or feel giant butterflies in our stomach.  The upside is that as we grow older and gain more relationship experience, the answer becomes clearer.  Here are the differences between crushing on and falling in love with someone.

When you first develop a crush on someone, it can feel fun, flirty, and exciting. It’s a lot like dancing with a flame, but it doesn’t last forever. Love, on the other hand, takes time to grow. It demands patience, understanding, and hard work. When we crush on someone, it’s the loud adrenaline rush that pounds on our chest. Love, however, allows us to find inner peace within ourselves. It’s a lot quieter, subtle even, and can sneak up on us when we least expect it.


Have you ever liked someone because they shared the same interests as you? A crush forms from basic information like that. Maybe the two of you had the same favorite color, or you can quote an entire movie together from beginning to end. But that does not necessarily love. Love isn’t afraid to dive in the deep. It asks us to be vulnerable and go past the small talk, hobbies, and picture-perfect Kodak moments. It’s sharing secrets, and sometimes, it means confronting the past and mending together.


Crushing on someone can leave you feeling insecure when you compare yourself to others, but love is built on the foundation of trust. When you love someone, you feel at ease with them, you’re neither possessive nor jealous. Love teaches us to let go of our fears, whereas crushing on someone allows them to linger.


When you crush on someone, it often feels fresh and young. But as you get to know someone better, love forms, making enter rooms that feel familiar. It’s like being with your best friend, someone who knows you inside and out, perhaps better than you may know yourself. When you’re crushing on someone, you’re too shy to even make it past the welcome mat.


Ever had a crush on someone that made you scratch your head years later? Crushes can be confusing, reckless, and inconsistent. Love isn’t so easily discarded though. When love begins, so does maturity. You’ll learn how to be vulnerable, how to compromise, and how to grow with someone. It’s more than just a feeling but a life-changing experience.

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