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Dating Tips That Will Boost the Quality of Your Dates Part 1

Are you looking at venturing into the dating scene, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re already on the market, but you’re not having much luck at finding quality relationships.

Every single woman knows that finding the perfect match isn’t easy regardless of how much dating experience you may have, or how many dating apps and websites you’re on.

Even those exploring the dating scene with an open heart and mind are often quickly overwhelmed by the lack of interest in commitment or long-term relationships. It can feel as though likeminded individuals with the same goals and aspirations just aren’t out there.

It can quickly become absolutely exhausting, both emotionally and mentally.

Worse, with so many dating websites and apps that connect singles at the click of a mouse, women are often finding themselves having to compete for attention in ways they never thought they would ever have to.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Great dates that lead to long-term, life-changing relationships are within your reach when you prepare and equip yourself with a few simple strategies that will improve the quality of your dates and set you on the path towards finding that happily ever after.

In the next few chapters, we’ll look at the top 10 dating tips that will boost the quality of your dates and help you find the perfect partner.

So, without further delay, let’s begin!

Tip #1: Set the Scene

Where you look for the perfect partner is equally as important as how you look. In other words, set the scene so that you’re putting yourself in the right line of sight.

Looking for potential mates in bars and clubs isn’t exactly getting the odds on your side. Dating is hard enough let alone when you factor in trying to get to know someone on any sort of real level while downing shots or trying to talk over loud music and distractions.

Instead, consider the places where you can connect with someone and focus on planning dates in those relationship nurturing settings. Save the bars for your girls’ nights!

That being said, there is nothing wrong with spending a third or fourth date at a bar or club where you can dance and let your hair down, but it isn’t usually recommended it for your first or second date.

Those initial dates are the time to be focused on really getting to know one another and whether you’re actually compatible so you’re not wasting time and energy working on a relationship that isn’t likely to go anywhere.

It’s also when you get to explore interests, share hopes and dreams and ensure that your future visions align.

You deserve that.

Tip #2: Look Around You

Many of us tend to overlook some of the greatest potential partners that are already part of our lives simply because we’re too busy searching for something more.

In truth, some of the greatest love stories of all time began as friends.

Do you have someone in the friend zone who may be a potential love interest?

Have you connected with someone on a level that you haven’t found with anyone else but perhaps you’ve never considered anything beyond the friendship you have?

You might be surprised that your perfect partner is already part of your life.

Makes sense, right?

Your friends already know you. They likely share the same interests, passions, values and aspirations.

If that’s the case, half the work of the initial dating process is behind you. You’ve already spent time connecting, you’ve let your guard down and you’ve likely shared more with them than you would with someone you’ve just started dating.

Does anyone come to mind? If so, maybe it’s time to explore the possibilities.

Tip #3: Connect to Love

Dating sites can certainly make life easier when it comes to seeing what’s out there, testing the waters, and connecting with a wide range of people in a short amount of time.

But not all dating sites are created equal and it’s important that you carefully consider the sites and networks you choose so that you’re maximizing the time spent searching for a partner.

Dating sites that are designed to connect specific age groups or other demographics will help you increase your chances of finding someone compatible, rather than signing up for sites where potential partners are looking for someone entirely different.

Choosing the right dating site is also important because it decreases the chances of you ending up disappointed or feeling hopeless because you haven’t been able to find matches or get anywhere beyond an initial introduction.

The type of site you choose will depend on what is most important to you, as well as your age, location and gender, but they often go beyond that.

Consider dating sites that focus on specific lifestyles.

This may include:

  • Career based dating sites such as military.
  • Religion based dating sites.
  • 40+ dating sites.
  • Location based dating sites.
  • Education based dating sites.
  • Divorcees or Widow based dating sites.

The more focused the dating site is on what is most in line with your lifestyle, the easier it will be to find great matches.

Here are a few dating sites with a specific focus on connecting people who share similar lifestyles:


Tip #4: Let Your Guard Down

For years, women have been told that men love a good chase and that overly aggressive women aren’t likely to find someone that will take them seriously.

Forget everything you’ve ever heard because, in today’s world, the playing field has been leveled.

Men love being chased just as much as women do and in many cases, men will feel far more at ease with a woman who isn’t afraid of showing him that she’s interested.

In fact, imagine how much easier it will be to get to know someone you’re attracted to if they know they’re not wasting their time and that you’re serious about connecting with them on a deeper level.

Playing coy isn’t always the best strategy when it comes to great dates that lead to everlasting relationships. Playing “hard to get” could make you come across as cold, distant and disinterested. It could also make him feel uncomfortable and create an awkward vibe that just doesn’t need to be there.

So, if you’re interested in him, don’t be afraid to show it. Nurture the conversation with body language that lets him know you’re genuinely interested in him.

Sure, if he cracks a joke that you don’t funny, you don’t have to laugh. You don’t want to come across as phony! That’s not your style, right?

Instead, don’t be afraid to banter, to show off your sense of humor and tease each other affectionately. It’s a great way to break down those walls and get over the nervousness that comes from new relationships.

Tip #5: Become An Attentive Listener

Over sharing happens to the best of us. We get nervous and feel awkward and suddenly we’re dealing with a serious case of word vomit.

It’s easy to lead the conversation to a point where we’re not tuned in to what someone else is trying to say, so it’s important to make sure you’re listening just as much as you’re sharing.

You also should take your time answering questions that he may have for you. Not only will your responses be more thoughtful and genuine, but if you aren’t too quick to blurt something out, you’ll be able to avoid saying something you regret.

Plus, becoming an attentive listener is a great way to let him know that you’re truly interested in getting to know him. The more questions you ask, and the more often you direct conversations away from talking too much about yourself, the easier the conversation will flow.

At the same time, you want to be careful not to fire a dozen questions at him too quickly. Make sure he’s comfortable answering questions and avoid going anywhere near the toopersonal zone until you’ve had a chance to get to know each other and are aware of one another’s comfort zones.

Instead, keep conversation focused on interests, hobbies and passions. Avoid talking about past relationships; at least in the beginning.

Those deeper conversations can happen later once you’ve gotten off on the right foot and you’ve determined there’s a level of compatibility worthy of another date.

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