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Are You In a Healthy Relationship?

Healthy relationships make you feel confident about yourself. A healthy relationship doesn’t mean a perfect relationship. However, it must have healthy communication between the both parties. It should inspire people to love themselves and should be a special bond that brings out the best in you.

We’ve compiled a list of characteristics and behaviors of a healthy relationship.

Mutual Appreciation

Appreciating yourself and your partner is one of the key traits in maintaining a healthy relationship. This could be through small gestures like thanking one another for the simplest tasks and appreciating their efforts. A little encouragement plays a big role in motivating your partner.


At times, couples think their partners aren’t putting enough effort into the relationship and  aren’t acknowledging their needs. Humans aren’t mind-readers and they’re not perfect. To help understand each other better, communication is the key. Only when you communicate your feelings and needs, the other person will be able to understand you better.

Do Things Together

People have different hobbies and activities. For example, you may be good at painting, and your partner may be good at cooking. When you both spend time together, it would be good to share these hobbies. This will help you bond over mutual things and both of you can also start a new activity together. Mutual activities or hobbies can give you something to talk about, learn about each other, and have fun, together.

Divide the Chores

Balancing chores help in dividing the burden. One may cook while the other can do the dishes. This will assign responsibility within the relationship. The other person will not feel like they’re the only ones who do all the chores.

Respect Personal Space

There’s a lot that happens in a relationship and just intimacy isn’t everything. It’s important to be considerate of your partner’s personal space. It’s crucial to establish boundaries. You wouldn’t want your partner to be clinging on to you while you’re working on an important project and vice versa.

It is necessary to designate time and effort in different domains of your life. Failure in doing so can lead to failure in maintaining a work-life balance.

Physical Affection Is Important

People love physical affection and it is a very important part of a relationship. Sometimes people may think a hug is irrelevant but it can play a very big role in boosting confidence. Studies have also shown that physical affection makes people happy and leads to the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is also called the love hormone. So don’t hold back, tell your partner you appreciate them with a tight hug or just a warm snuggle.


Happily ever after may not exist in every scenario but small steps today might lead you to your happier tomorrow. Appreciation and understanding are the foundation of every bond, whether your relationship with family, your relationship with your parents, or your love life. We hope these pointers will help you work towards self-improvement.

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